SALOMIX SSF side-mounted agitators

Mineral processing

Our product range: ZA, ZM, ZL, ZH and ZV series: ZA and ZM series: Their wide applicability allows them to be placed next to mills, cyclones, thickeners and other equipment to transport ore slurry, tailings sand, high concentration or corrosive slurry including dewatering in a wider range. It is widely used in mineral processing, papermaking, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields. ZL series: It is a supplement to the ZA and ZM series, which more fully considers the process details, energy consumption and cost of the application site. Lower pumping costs in less abrasive applications. ZH series: Large-diameter, high-efficiency impeller and thick-walled structure for flow-through parts, which improves corrosion resistance and longer service life, and can withstand higher pressure. It is one of the best solution for filter press feeding . ZV series: It is the best partner of the horizontal slurry pump. In a large number of auxiliary stations, it has very low requirements on the operating environment, but it plays a vital role. Moreover, good wear-resistant materials ensure that it can be paid no attention to for a long time.

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